Museum Details

Tipu Sultans Sword

Fabled to be the sword used by Tipu Sultan, the sword was gifted by Mr Althaf Hameed to the Singeri Family, who inherited it from his grandfather. The sword resembles a walking stick but at the press of a secret button it reveals a blade.

1928 Ford Model A

Gifted by Varkey Joseph Pottamkulam. The car was used by Varkey’s grandfather and father as the family car in the estates of Kanjirapally, Kerala. It was lovingly restored to its present condition and refitted in the museum.

Bronze Animal Toys

Dating back more than a century the bronze toys are in pairs resembling the entry of animals in to Noah’s ark in pairs.

Grand Piano

Dating back to 1790, the piano with original ivory keys is in perfect working condition. Manufactured By Order of Her Majesty the Queen of England by premier piano mnufacturers John Broadwood & Sons,London.

The Typewriter

The antique typewriter was used by the writer in the office of Janab Yusuf Mohammed Singeri.

Embroidered quilted bag

Made by the grand aunt Aisha Bai of the Singeri family, the exquisite bag is quilted with flowers made of cloth and pieced together with traditional Kutchi needlework.

Singeri family photograph

This family photograph was taken in1951 when patriarch Janab Yacub Mohammed embarked on the Haj.

Standing (Left to Right) – Y.M.Esmail Sait, Y.M.Ebrahim Sait, Mr. Siddique Adam Sait (Bachuba), Child Ashraf Sait, Ahmed Sait (Aamdhi Chacha),Y.M.Elias Sait, Mr. A Shamsudhin Sait, Child Dr. Rafiq Shamsudhin Sait, Mr.Zackeria A.L.Sait, Abdul Kader Sait, A.Essaque Sait (Essa Adha)

Sitting (Center) – S.M.Ebrahim Sait (Anwar), A. Sulaiman Sait, Abdul Latheef Sait, Yusuf Jacoob Sait, Yusuf Ismail (Jusiba), Mamma Ba, Bappu Bombay

Sitting (Ground) – S.Ismail Sait, Anwar Sait, Raju Bombay, Sulekha Bai (Jillam Bai), Pyari Bai (Pune), Iqbal Zackeria Sait, Nagma Bai Ghani


This silver coin dates back to the Akbar dynasty depicts the coronation of Lord Rama. The other side of the coin depicts the Seetha Kalyanam.The coin was minted by Akbar to appease his Hindu subjects. Akbar was famous as the only secular king among the muslim rulers of India.


Authentic Kutchi cuisine is mildly spiced and aromatic where the masalas are sautéed for a long time till the raw flavours are given out. Noteworthy delicacies are Paya, Muttiah, Machi Acho Saag, Kutchi Saag, Akhni (light rice cooked in coconut milk), Jhinga Biriyani (prawn biriyani).